Regional Station - MINICOY


Officer In Charge: B. Anilkumar

The Central Plantation Crops Research Institute, Regional station Minicoy, previously known as ‘ICAR Research Complex’ for Lakshadweep was established at Minicoy island in 1976 under the overall administrative control of ICAR. Consequent upon the formation of the island Zone under the ICAR system the station was merged with Central Agricultural Research Institute (CARI), Port Blair, and Andaman in 1989 and the centre was brought under the control of CPCRI in 1994.

The Union Territory of Lakshadweep comprises of a group of islands in the Arabian sea between 12o-30oo north latitude and between 71o-74o east longitude at a distance ranging from 200 to 400 km from cochin. There are in all 27 islands, 3 reefs and 6 submerged sand banks. Only 10 islands are inhabited. The total area of the territory is and population is approximately 65000. The main occupation of the people is fishing, coconut cultivation and coir- twisting. Tourism is an emerging industry. Minicoy is one of the largest inhabited island located on the eastern and southeastern side of the lagoon, along the reef fringe. It measures about 10 km from its northern end to its southernmost point and it is about 1 km wide in its southern half, while the northern half is a narrow sand spit, often less than 100 m wide. Minicoy is almost completely covered with coconut trees. One of the few landmarks of the island is a tall lighthouse. The origin of people was from Maldives. Their Language is Dhivehi as in Maldives. Their life style and culture is of Maldivian. The Atoll is claimed by both India and the Maldives.


The Regional station is located at South Bandaram, 1.5 km away from main jetty on the main road side towards Minicoy light house.  Latitude: 8o -17o N and longitude 73o- 04o E.


The total area of the station is 5.7 ha.


Coral sandy soil, Soil pH is 7.0 to 8.6.


The mean maximum temperature is 30.8o, minimum 23.8o and annual rain fall is 1728 mm.


  • To develop location specific technologies for increasing productivity of coconut and other existing crops in the islands.
  • To undertake studies on soil conservation, soil restructuring, anti sea erosion and rain water harvesting methods.
  • To develop suitable backyard system of poultry and dairy farming.
  • To undertake transfer of technology programmes including training of farmers and officials from the Department of Agriculture.

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