Scientific advisory committee Meeting at KVK

Programme Coordinator: Dr. Manojkumar T S

The KVK at CPCRI, Kasaragod was established on 01 January, 1993 under the aegis of CPCRI, ICAR, DARE and Ministry of Agriculture. It is the frontal organisation for promotion of agricultural technologies and allied enterprises among the people of Kasaragod district.The operational area of the KVK is Kasaragod district which is the northern most district of Kerala state. Total geographical area of the district is 1, 96,133 ha consisting of six blocks, 39 grama panchayats and 77 revenue villages.



It is situated within the CPCRI campus.




Demonstration Units

Training Programmes

KVK Kasaragod, impart training to practicing farmers, farm women, women self  help groups, rural youth and extension personnel on various demand driven topics as follows:




KVK, Kasaragod was chosen as the best KVK for the biennium 2002-03 by ICAR, New Delhi.

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Programme Coordinator
KVK, CPCRI Kasaragod
Phone:04994 232993
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Field Level demonstration of a high yielding new guinea grass variety

FLD at Kambar on organic cultivation of Bhindi(Var Salkeerthi).

Frontline demonstration on ornamental fish culture

High yeilding rice variety, Pratyasa Paddy field, Kunjathur

Honey Festival 2013

Honey FLD integrating bee colonies for better pollination and yield enhancement in coconut gardens

Lady climbers trained under Changathykootam.

Presently working at CPCRI as pollinators

Launching of RKVY project on popularization of Cassava biopesticides against borer pests of Banana was done on March 1 of 2013 at Periya and Madikkai

Monthly Interface Programme of Shri.Avaran from Malappuram demonstrating his micro sprinkler irrigation system which he has named as GC Mayilpeeli micro sprinkler

On farm trial Organic cultivation of yard long bean('Var Vellayani Jyothika')

Making Paper bags 

The hellical Blade Puddler was demonstrated in the district for the first time by KVK

Training cum demonstration on paddy mechanization organised by Arikkady, Kumbla