Farmers FIRST project- ICAR Central Plantation Crops Research Institute Second Institute Advisory Committee (IAC) Meeting (29.8.2017)


The second Institute Advisory Committee (IAC) meeting of the FFP project funded by ICAR was conducted on 29.8.2017 at ICAR CPCRI, Regional Station, Alappuzha district. The meeting was chaired by Dr.V.Krishnakumar, Head, Regional Station, Kayamkulam and gave the introductory remarks.

IAC meeting started at 10.30 AM with the welcome speech of Dr. P. Anithakumari, Principal Scientist & PI of FFP. A total of 23 members participated. The farmer/group leaders of the field interventions were special invitees, so that direct interaction was made possible for the members regarding the participation, involvement and progress of the activities. After initial introduction, the PI presented the details of the interventions and the programmes to be taken up for the discussion and approval of the committee. All the members actively took part in the discussion session with valuable suggestions.

The major suggestions were participatory experimentation with traditional or indigenous technologies, introducing discontinued and new crops, social interventions for tiding over scarcity of coconut climbers and training the labourers on scientific methods and skills, documenting farmers innovations, organic resource recycling and reducing dependency on chemical fertilizer and improving soil fertility, training programme for nutrient deficiency management, animal husbandry interventions in hydroponics / cow mat adoption/ model goat units and participatory technology development for processing of cow dung as a value added product. A novel programme intervention to connect the present generation to coconut, scientific technologies and its economic/social/ cultural roles was also discussed and appreciated by the members. The programme nomenclature is ‘My Coconut My Legacy” involving all the students, Parent Teachers Association (PTA), people’s representatives and progressive farmers of the FFP area.

The project team members also facilitated the discussions and offered clarifications and plan of actions appropriately. Dr. Joseph Rajkumar, Principal Scientist & Co PI offered vote of thanks. The meeting came to a close by 12.45 PM.

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